Tibetan Marble Rug N11323

Tibetan Marble Rug Description:

This magnificent Tibetan flat weave wool rug exudes elegance and luxury through its marble-like form. The stylish textile comprises of two shades of steel gray, which appear as a result of the variation in the pile length. The pattern is 'carved' into the background, because its fibers are shorter in comparison to the rest of the field. Flowery motifs, densely covering the whole modern pattern carpet, allude to the Oriental traditional design but are greater, as if they were in the magnifying glass. This hand-knotted wool wonder is one of the kind, as it will fit both modern and classical interior.

Although the majority of people associate carpets with certain shagginess, flat weave rugs constitute a substantial part of the profound weaving heritage. Flat, hand-woven rugs have widely contributed to the development of rug-making techniques as they represent one of the basic forms of woven textiles. 

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