Blue Deux Diamond Rug II

Blue Deux Diamond Rug II N10867

Price: $27,000

Doris Leslie Blau is dedicated to exploring the magical realm of rugs to provide only top-notch floor coverings that meet the needs of contemporary consumers in every aspect. We combine the centuries-old weaving tradition with the latest trends in order for every new or custom rug that comes from us to be veritably timeless.

The Moroccan-inspired flat weave before your eyes was made in accordance with the ancient and venerable oriental craft. Carefully hand-woven of the finest wool by a skilled artisan, the modern rug shouts quality – it is durable, resilient and relatively light. Provided minimum amount of care, it will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.

The face of this modern rug presents the most iconic of oriental designs, the famed diamonds which are believed to protect against the Evil Eye. The modern twist lies the color palette – beige and gray with bluish undertones are perhaps not the most traditional duet but they will look dashing in contemporary interiors.

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Item No.: N10867 Size: 12'4" × 17'7" (375 × 535 cm)
Color: , Style: Geometric, Moroccan Rugs