Swedish Design Rug N11686

Swedish Design Rug Description:

The incredible international success of Scandinavian design is granted by the three crucial elements it is based upon – practicality, minimalism and beauty. The modern, swedish rug braiding before your eyes incorporates all three factors and, at the same time, proves once again that the northerners found the key to perfect craftsmanship. Its main field does not bear any motifs except the plain oval medallion finished with a thick stripe of color.

However, the decorative edges of the main field compensate for the lack of central pattern, exhibiting an intriguing lace-like trimming adorned with simple geometric motifs inspired by nature. This balanced and heartwarming design is complemented by a soft color palette relying on extinguished shades of Aegean blue, light blue, light and dark slate gray, with invigorating touches of dusty pink, moss green and ivory.

Next to appealing appearance, the mid century modern rug is executed with the utmost diligence and skill. Thoroughly knotted by hand of the finest wool, the flat-weave is distinguished by firm structure and durability, ready to withstand years of usage without any signs of wear. If properly maintained, the contemporary rug for sale will serve its owners for generations with its graceful charm and outstanding quality.

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