Solrosen Swedish Rya Rug
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Solrosen Swedish Rya Rug N11547


This wondrous piece is largely inspired by the iconic vintage ‘Solrosen’ rya modern area rug designed by Marianne Richter in Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom’s workshop. In fact, it is almost a faithful copy of the marvelous original creation with only tiny size modifications. Like its prototype, this rya constitutes a heartwarming composition reflecting the folklore of the idyllic Scandinavian countryside. The title ‘Solrosen’ means ‘sunflowers’ which corresponds to the simple yet ingenious design where the focal point are two magnificent sunflowers warming their petals in gentle rays of the setting sun.

This effect is highlighted by the color palette of vibrant magenta and deep orange, tastefully balanced by taupe, plum, beige, slate grey and pastel pink. The soft and slightly shaggy pile is the final touch – it complements the bucolic and joyful appeal of this Swedish shag rug. Hand-executed of the finest wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques, the carpet for sale will pamper its owner with its glorious presence for long years to come.

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Item No.: N11547 Size: 5'10" × 10'10" (177 × 330 cm)
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