This traditional-inspired rug largely draws from the decorative art of Eastern-European countryside. However, looking at the entire design one may find influences from various folkloristic traditions – both European and Oriental. The main field is covered with repetitive diamonds which are a very powerful symbol for nomadic tribes representing the protection against the Evil Eye. Some of the rhombuses have a cross-like motif within which is stylized in a foliage manner. Out of multiple borders, the main stands out the most due to pronounced flower heads definitely inspired by the European folklore. The whole composition exudes a heartwarming vibe, further enhanced by the bright yet toned color palette. The prevailing sandy beige shade is complemented with washed-out brick red and cream. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan, the rug amazes with the incredible quality. It has a chance to serve its owners for many decades without any signs of wear. Although made in consonance with centuries-long aesthetics, this European-inspired rug beautifully fits into contemporary interiors. It is a perfect option to bring a warmth and homeliness to any household. 
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