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Modern Rug N11043

Price: $17,000

Contemporary rugs are famous for the astonishing diversity of their designs and styles. You are bound to find a modern rug of your dreams, provided that you look. Bold rugs are especially sought after due to their rule-breaking designs and vivacious color palettes. It is no wonder that each season we can find more and more bold carpets in showrooms of famous designers or in interior design magazines. As all bold rugs they can be difficult to work with, but once you manage to fit them into your interior, the results can be extremely rewarding.

Beauty of this bold rug is almost impossible to describe. Each element of the composition seems to be in the right place, reflecting both the talent and dedication of its weaver. It was hand woven using a mix of wool and felt, which resulted in a pile of surprising durability. The size of this contemporary rug, 12’3″ × 17’5″ (373 × 531 cm), makes it a great choice for spacious interiors and business venues. The pattern consists of multiple colorful squares covering rug’s surface. Color palette consist of cold tones hues such as pink, gray, green and brown.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of designer rugs is full of one of a kind pieces, waiting for you to discover them. We are proud to offer our clients only the best of antique rugs and contemporary carpets available. Be sure to browse through our website and indulge in the most luxurious shopping experience.

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Item No.: N11043 Size: 12'3" × 17'5" (373 × 530 cm)
Style: Abstract, Bold