Modern Rug

Modern Rug N11045

Price: $15,000

Modern rugs come in all the sizes, shapes and styles imaginable, making them one of the most versatile pieces of decor. Chances are that you will have little trouble finding your dream contemporary carpet, no matter how unusual might it be. Contemporary rugs, comparing to antique carpets, are more prone to breaking the rules of interior design with their patterns and colors, but it is rarely done just for the shock value. On the contrary, designers and weavers try their best to supply us with the best contemporary rugs and create new trends, which will be remembered for years to come.

What immediately draws attention to this gorgeous modern rug is undoubtedly its shape. Unusual rounded edges and bulged sides are not something one might expect, but suit the design surprisingly well. Rug’s size, 9’8″ × 14’0″ (295 × 427 cm), makes it a great addition to larger household and business venues, yearning for something special. While the pattern of this contemporary rug might seem simple, a closer look reveals the genius hidden behind it. An uneven square is accompanied by ellipsis, both of which look as if they were drawn by hand. The whole is surrounded by a pixelated frame, which brings everything together. Color palette of this piece contains mostly soft hues such as white and yellow, spiced up with a bit of red.

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Item No.: N11045 Size: 9'8" × 14'0" (294 × 426 cm)
Style: Abstract, Bold