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Joshagan Rugs

Joshagan rugs – Diamonds of Persia

Although small and inconspicuous, Joshagan is among the most important weaving centers in all of former Persia. Located a hundred and forty kilometers north of Esfahan, Joshagan, also called Maymeh, is the place boasting the longest continuous tradition of weaving high-quality woolen carpets. Joshagan rugs are made of the finest wool on the cotton foundation with the application of the asymmetrical Persian knot resulting in an exceptionally durable and tender pile which is a sheer pleasure to look at and to walk on. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small to larger pieces, however, the vast majority of them can be found in the medium-size range. Joshagan rugs, just like Bakhtiari rugs, constitute the essence of the top-notch Persian craftsmanship which is not as well-known as creations from Tabriz or Kerman yet intriguing and absolutely one-of-a-kind. 

History of Joshagan Rugs

Since the 16th century the tribespeople and villagers belonging to the Joshagan cluster have been constantly honing their trade of weaving of wool carpets. The technical excellence of Joshagan rugs goes hand in hand with mesmerizing, unique and extremely characteristic designs. The first and most important of all is the one composed of geometric floral motifs arranged in the shape of diamonds. The combination of flower delicacy with angular elegance makes this special pattern a truly gentle and timeless choice. Then, there are geometric versions of willow tree and Gul Hannai – a henna flower used as a motif mainly in Persian rugs such as Farahan and Joshaghan which can be applied in an all-over or medallion layout. Gul Hannai is sometimes arranged in a diamond format as seen in Joshagan rugs. Finally, the wonderful pieces of Joshagan weaving center feature Mina Khani – an iconic all-over pattern consisting of two or more flower blossoms, usually daisies, connected by a diamond lattice. This array of patterns is accompanied by a truly Persian and rich color palette comprising of dark and light blue, off-white, green, beige, red or yellow shades against a profound burgundy background (although other setting colors also may appear). With their beautiful designs and absolutely masterful execution Joshagan rugs will easily fit into contemporary interior décors, bringing in recherché charm and vivid hues ready to enliven any living space. 

Antique Joshagan Rugs Demonstrate Tradition of Persian Tapestry

Rugs hailing from the Joshagan locale in Iran provide some of the oldest products of Persian tapestry. Prior to the rise in popularity of tapestries from Tehran, Joshagan tapestries were some of the most popular and widespread, largely due to ancient paths of travel. The long history of Joshagan rugs demonstrates the commitment to the preservation of culture, tradition, and quality. Antique Joshagan rugs demonstrate the beauty and workmanship of traditional Persian tapestry.

Design and Structure of Joshagan Rugs

Antique Joshagan Rugs are traditional in practically every way relevant to Persian tapestry. They range in size most are four by six feet, but some exist in larger dimensions. Some of the largest Persian rugs are Joshagan rugs. The colors used in the weaving are generally natural dyes, and they blend beautifully together. The designs and patterns are generally quite intricate, which is also typical for Persian rugs. Another traditional Persian feature is the lack of empty color in the rug itself. Intricate design covers each Joshagan rug. The weaving technique used in these rugs is also Persian, which uses hand-made asymmetrical knots. The qualities of Joshagan Rugs vary depending on the materials, age, and knot per square inch of the individual carpet. Most agree that more knots per square inch correlates to higher quality. Quality may also be evaluated based on the clarity of the pattern. Tighter knitted patterns will have a higher level of clarity. Antique Joshagan rugs are traditional and beautiful in terms of size, color, weaving, and quality.

When seeking a traditional, high-quality Persian rug, antique Joshagan rugs exemplify tradition, beauty, and workmanship in every way. These rugs often serve as some of the oldest examples of Persian tapestry in the world, and tapestries generally become more valuable over time. These high quality rugs serve as a tangible demonstration of the history and culture of Persian rug creation.

An Exceptional Collection of Joshagan Carpets for Sale

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