Contemporary Hemp Rug

This lovely custom hemp rug is beautiful, practical and versatile in equal measure. Hemp rugs are fantastic for more demanding rooms in the house as they are distinguished by incredible durability and firmness. According to Bunny William’s advice, who is a strong advocate of rugs in every possible space, one may even place them in a vestibule, kitchen or patio. This custom hemp carpet will most definitely serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear or damage as it was masterfully hand-woven of the finest hemp in accordance with classic weaving techniques. Moreover, its design is far from boring, and it relates to the centuries-old and venerated kilim tradition. Simple geometric yet deeply meaningful motifs, such as diamonds, oriental symbols of protection, stars or zigzags denoting running water, exude a distinct ethnic vibe. Although presently made, this hemp rug shows a strong connection with venerated oriental wonders. It will constitute a perfect addition to any household, especially those kept in bohemian spirit.

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Item No.: N11655 Size: 4'7" × 6'6" (139 × 198 cm)