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Hand-Tufted Rugs

Hand-Tufted Rugs

Just as the world moves forward and constantly evolves, every craft develops certain ways of facilitating the production process in order to speed it up and, thus, to make the ready product more affordable for customers. In case of carpet weaving, one of the techniques to achieve the before-mentioned goals is hand-tufting of rugs. Hand-tufted rugs boast extremely beautiful, intricate designs, qualitative materials and utterly soft piles which are comparable to those of hand-knotted creations. Certainly, the time-consuming and expertise-requiring method of thoroughly knotting rug piles by hand has its advantages. Generally, hand-knotted rugs are more tenacious than hand-tufted ones, however the difference in price between the two types is so substantial that hand-tufted rugs are definitely worth considering. The enduring nature of things is also a bit problematic in the context of ever-changing fads and fashions. Hand-tufted rugs give one the opportunity to replace them every ten years or so for a newest, more contemporary design. Their moderate price definitely encourages decorating aficionados, who always want their abode to be as up-to-date as possible, to do so. Moreover, all fans od DIY may try to start their weaving career by creating hand-tufted rugs, instead of rag rugs or hooked rugs. These remarkable textiles, made with the application of the latest techniques will definitely make a difference in any contemporary interior.

hand-tufted flat swedish rug

How Hand-Tufted Rugs are Made?

The process of making hand-tufted rugs is divided into several steps and requires special yet easily available equipment. 100% hand-tufted rugs are made by using a tufting gun. First, a carpet design is drawn on the base to show where particular type of yarn should be placed. Next, by pushing loops of wool through said base, the maker imprints it with the pattern. After this is done, another foundation is glued to the base and, when the latex glue dries, a protective cloth is added, and the rug is sheared to cut all the loops on its top in order to create a pile. Finally, the hand-tufted rug is trimmed and majority of loose strands of yarn cleaned. Just as mentioned before, because the whole method is neither complicated nor expensive, hand-tufted rugs tend to cost less than other types of carpets, especially hand-knotted ones, such as Persian, Turkish or Moroccan. However, there is no need to be alarmed. The facilitated production process does not mean that hand-tufted rugs are of inferior quality. As with everything, the matter of how good hand-tufted rug is depends on what kind of materials are used in the execution and what is the level of the weaver’s skills.

hand-tufted tibetan rug

What Distinguishes Hand-Tufted Rugs?

In case of the choice of materials, hand-tufted rugs do not gravely differ from hand-knotted ones. Most popular fibers used for hand-tufting are the finest wool and cotton, very often both at the same time. What characterizes this particular type of carpet is its soft surface, in fact not as thick as the one from pile hand-knotted rugs, but abundant enough to make itself wonderful to touch. Hand-tufted rugs are then not only a sheer pleasure to look at, carrying all kinds of designs, from classic Oriental patterns to contemporary Art Deco or Scandinavian motifs, but also tempt with their tender fiber cushion. Compared to other styles of weave, hand-tufted rugs have a slightly shorter lifespan, however, when properly taken care of, they might survive in excellent condition for a decade or even much more longer. Nevertheless, their moderate durability is not necessary a bad thing as it allows its owner to change carpets as frequently as he or she wants. It is an especially convenient solution in nowadays reality, in which every season new inventions and decorating ideas are released and are simply irresistible.

What are the Advantages of Hand-Tufted Rugs?

hand-tufted geometric rug

Hand-tufted rugs are a great alternative for hand-knotted carpets. Equally beautiful but less costly, they will be a perfect choice for those who want to follow trends or simply like frequent changes. Great diversity of hand-tufted rugs that is available on the marked through trusted dealers will please even the most demanding customers. Rugs are perfect space definers which bring warmth, order and color into the house. They create comfort zones where people can rest with their families and friends and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rugs constitute a crucial part of popular design trends, such as Boho, Hollywood Regency, Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern. It is safe to say that a living room without a rug is just a room. Doris Leslie Blau is proud to be in possession of a wide array of hand-tufted rugs which will please the eye and the hand of even the most demanding connoisseurs. Visit our Rug Dealer in New York City Gallery and experience the magic and mystery of weaving masterpieces for yourself. We encourage you to browse our exquisite collection and look for that one special rug, that will make your room look right. And who knows? Maybe it will be a hand-tufted one.

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