Honey Blush Silk Rug by Brett Beldock
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Honey Blush Silk Rug by Brett Beldock N10726 9'0" × 12'3" $16,000

Few designers had such an impact on the world of modern rugs as Brett Beldock. A talented artist and ingenious businesswoman, Brett Beldock managed to create patterns, which mix the minimalist approach of contemporary rugs with the past’s love for color. Most characteristic trait of Beldock’s carpet design are geometric forms incorporated in the patterns. It would seem that the designer was inspired by modern abstract artworks.

This stunning contemporary rug is a dream come true of any interior designer. It was hand-knotted using banana-silk yarns which create a delightfully soft and silky pile. A minimalistic wide-striped design is accompanied by a warm palette consisting of different shades of beige, rose-beige and honey-brown. 


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Price: $16,000

Item No.: N10726 Size: 9'0" × 12'3" (274 × 373 cm)
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