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Flat-woven Rugs in the World


flat-woven rugs are so universal that they appear in almost every culture in the world. From Turkey to Peru, everyone can enjoy their beautiful patterns and stunning colors. Among oriental, flat-woven rugs are well-known kilim rugs as well as soumaks, although Scandinavian pieces are one of the most popular carpets of this weave. What is characteristic for all types of flat-woven rugs and carpets is the fact that loom is necessary to make them. They are created by interlocking warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads. Because of that, flat-woven have no pile whatsoever and tend to be thinner than knotted rugs. Their versatility makes them useful in many situations- flat-woven rugs have been used for centuries not only as flooring, but also wall hangings, and saddle pads.

Design of Flat-woven Rugs


Fibers used during rug weaving can vary greatly, depending on the region. Most typically, the warp threads are made from linen, silk, cotton, or wool, but there are few limitations for weft, as it can be made from an assortment of things. Although wool is the most popular choice, many people choose flat-woven rugs made of plant fibers such as hemp or seagrass.


Patterns and color palettes of flat-woven rugs tend to vary greatly. While Scandinavian carpets tend to be more conservative, Turkish kilims are extremely colorful and rich in design. This is why we are constantly exploring new textures and pile lengths for almost all of our designs. Chosen with the utmost care, the custom artisan rugs are made to celebrate the beauty and integrity of the natural materials and are individually crafted to the highest standards. In addition to the custom options described above, we also have a diverse selection of new rugs for sale, which also serve as excellent samples of some of our custom designs. We encourage our customers to browse through our gallery and see the diversity of flat-woven rugs for themselves.