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  • Pattern of Modern Eskayel-Kusafari Rug, number: N11306

    Modern Eskayel-Kusafari Rug N11306

    Size: 12'0" × 17'0" (365 × 518 cm)
    Every creation coming from the hands of the extremely talented Eskayel duet is simply irresistible and the one before your...
  • Pattern of Modern Eskayel-Madagascar Rug, number: N11054

    Modern Eskayel-Madagascar Rug N11054

    Size: 12'0" × 18'2" (365 × 553 cm)
    Eskayel was founded in 2008 in New York and from the very beginning shook the fundaments of the design world. Their...
  • Pattern of Contemporary Eskayel Tibetan Rug, number: N11610

    Contemporary Eskayel Tibetan Rug N11610

    Size: 13'0" × 17'0" (396 × 518 cm)
    This contemporary Tibetan modern rug is the embodiment of class and subtlety with a secessionist vibe. By means of intertwining...
  • Pattern of Modern Eskayel-Madagascar Rug, number: N11249

    Modern Eskayel-Madagascar Rug N11249

    Size: 12'0" × 17'8" (365 × 538 cm)
    This original custom size rug by the famed Eskayel group is an outstanding piece of modern artistry. The absolutely unique...
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Cooperation with Eskayel

Doris Leslie Blau and Eskayel unveil a new rug collaboration-blending the finest of rug textures and techniques with fine art. The idea for this collaboration was born when Nader Bolour of Doris Leslie Blau and Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel met and realized that a combination of her artwork and design sense coupled with his industry knowledge and expertise had the potential to produce truly eclectic, never-before-seen types of rugs.

Rugs made by Eskayel & Doris Leslie Blau

Beginning with Shanan’s water color paintings as the source material for the patterns, Nader was given the challenge of how to transfer the delicacy and energy of her brush strokes and ink lines into a woven structure. Utilizing his 30 years of business experience, Nader decided to focus on higher knot counts that have ever been experienced in modern rug construction to lead the project. Combining various textures including pashmina, aloe and silk, with the highest quality of weaving techniques, Nader was able to transcend the systemic limitation of woven nature and bring Shanan’s imagery to life in a way that has never been seen in contemporary rug production.

An Exceptional Collection of Rugs by Eskayel Carpets for Sale