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Chocolate Fondant S12880

Chocolate Fondant (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12880

Do you have a sweet tooth? Looking at this Chocolate Fondant sample it is hard to resist the temptation for dessert. The field proudly bears bold, abstract pattern of cinnamon and amber brown smudges on a dark chocolate background which bring to mind liquid hot chocolate dripping from a luscious fondant. The sample's densely knotted pile is rendered in qualitative, firm wool thread which adds proper texture to this delicious design. If you chose Chocolate Fondant for a foundation of your bespoke rug, you can rest reassured that it will be a feast for your eyes, hands and feet. Every custom rug crafted by DLB is thoroughly hand-executed of the finest materials in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. It ensures that the rug of your dreams will be qualitative and unique, ready to serve its lucky owner for many years without the slightest blemish. Certainly, you can adjust the size and shape of the custom carpet entire to your needs and liking. Chocolate Fondant sample is an ideal option for gourmets and poor eaters alike as its main strength lies in soothing, warm shades and positive energy. It is such a balanced and tasteful composition that it will match both modern and classic interiors.