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This remarkable sample is created in accordance with the golden rule ‘less is more’. It can be counted among the group of solid rugs as its design builds solely on a thoroughly selected hue and well-executed texture of the field. Therefore, if you seek a solid custom rug in the literal and figurative sense, Dawn Sky sample is ready to cater for your needs. There are no motifs, ornamental borders or flashy colors but that is exactly the power of this contemporary composition. Such moderation in design has been initiated in the first half of the 20th century by the Modernists who were tired with overabundance in art and decided to redefine the perception of beauty. This revolution went easier than expected, perhaps because the yearning for directness, integrity and uncomplicated solutions simply lies deeply within human nature. Dawn Sky is the answer to this yearning, charming with its delicacy and serenity. It can become the foundation of the bespoke rug of your dreams which will be adjusted in terms of size and shape entirely to your liking. Moreover, as every rug coming from DLB, it will be meticulously hand-executed of the finest materials according to old and refined weaving techniques. The off-white, soft woolen pile is loosely knotted so that the toned indigo of the background could show through the apertures. It gives the impression of etherealness comparable with the misty colors of the sky at dawn. If you want this fresh and effortlessly elegant piece to enrich your home décor, just pick it for your custom rug and we will make sure that you will not be disappointed with the outcome.


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Item No.: S12846 Size: custom