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White Spark S12841

White Spark (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12841

White Spark is truly worthy of its name. Wits its delicacy and energy, the sample has the potential to brighten up absolutely any interior. That is why, among other things, it would be the perfect foundation of your custom rug. White Spark's modern stipe design is elegant and unobtrusive because, surprisingly, it works on texture rather than color. The parts of striated pile are located alternately with the cut ones and here exactly lies the secret of the sample's greatness, the titular spark. The cut pile fibers, rendered in glossy wool, reflect light in a different way than the striated, and therefore exude a luminous shine. This marvelous effect is further enhanced by the light beige hue applied to the entire field which turns up the glow and seduces with subtlety. If you pick this celestial sample for your bespoke rug, you may rest reassured that it will be masterly hand-executed of the finest materials in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. You have a free hand to adjust the size and shape of the White Spark carpet entirely to your needs and liking.