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Swedish Circular Design Rug N11931

Price: $16,000

This serene and joyful Swedish-inspired rug combines classic Scandinavian influences with a smooth oblong shape. Its main field, carrying charming geometric motifs, is enclosed within a series of simple borders. Everything is complemented by a soft and pleasant to the eye color palette of blues, beiges and grays, reds and pinks. Although normally the colors would be contrasting, due to the pastel tone they create perfect harmony.

The execution of the Swedish rug matches its excellent appearance. It was carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques to ensure its durability. Under very little maintenance, this contemporary rug will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.

Circular carpets are designed to balance the linear nature of the surrounding room. With presence of floors, walls and doorways, there are already lots of angular lines which create the rigidity in the environment. Round area rugs allow interior designers to break up the traditional monotony through use of softened figures and more fanciful flows that lead the eyes in a less grounded manner. They add a pinch of humor to typical furniture layout, especially when combined with a playful pattern.

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Item No.: N11931 Size: 7'8" × 10'0" (233 × 304 cm)
Color: Blue, Brown, Pink, White Style: Scandinavian Shape: Circle