Floral Design Needlepoint Eric Cohler Rug in Beige Shades
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Floral Design Needlepoint Eric Cohler Rug in Beige Shades N11884 5'10" × 8'9" $4,000

The custom rug before your eyes belongs to the category of needlepoints which means it was made by using a sewing needle and wool yarn to create stitches on an open grid cotton fabric called a “canvas”. This method of execution resulted in millions of individual stitches which gave a pileless yet palpable texture and a characteristic, slightly rustic character. Hand-made of the finest materials, this modern rug with traditional undertones will serve its owners flawlessly for generations, provided minimum amount of care.

In contrast to 19th and early 20th-century highly ornamental needlepoint rugs, this one distinguishes with a very gentle, almost neutral design. Both the pattern of curvilinear vines and foliage as well as the main field are rendered in soft beige that will seamlessly match a wide array of decors, from classic to state-of-the-art.

Custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau have absolutely no limits when it comes to their range of designs and methods of execution. Although based on reliable, centuries-old weaving techniques for quality, our new rugs are adjusted to present-day trends and contain a pinch of visionary approach. Browse our vast online inventory or visit one of our galleries to commune with the sheer magic of top-notch antique rugs and contemporary carpets. Your satisfaction is always our main objective.


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Price: $4,000

Item No.: N11884 Size: 5'10" × 8'9" (177 × 266 cm)
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