This vast contemporary rug is a work of modern art with a nod towards the centuries old craft of carpet making. Its imposing main field is embellished with an allover abstract pattern of diamonds, arrow tops, circles, octagons and criss-crossing lines, some of which are distinguished by curvilinear forms. Occasional ornamental vase-like emblems add a pinch of classicist elegance to the otherwise geometric composition. The final touch is provided by the balanced and utterly sophisticated color palette of taupe motifs against the toned beige background. This imposing contemporary rug is distinguished by the top-notch quality. It was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques which resulted in the soft and durable pile. Due to such thorough making, the rug will be able to serve its owners for generations without the slightest sights of wear. The carpet, although presently made, exudes a venerable and luxurious vibe known from the most renowned oriental pieces. With time, it will surely become a classic of the weaving art. This contemporary rug will easily match a wide array of interior décors, bringing in glamour and artistry of genuine hand-made floor coverings. 

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