Contemporary Striped Earthy Brown Flat-Weave Wool Rug N11074 by DLB
Contemporary Striped Earthy Brown Flat-Weave Wool Rug
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Contemporary Striped Earthy Brown Flat-Weave Wool Rug N11074 12'0" × 12'2" $13,000

Contemporary rugs offer us a whole range of different types of carpets and piles. No wonder that they are considered to be amongst the most diverse types of rugs! The sheer diversity offered by contemporary rugs can cause quite a headache, but this is a small price to pay for receiving the best rug possible. Flat woven carpets are especially popular due to their light build and low maintenance, comparing t their price and wonderful designs. While the most well known examples of flat woven rugs come from Sweden, other cultures around the world often create similar carpets, even if they do not look exactly the same.

This stunning contemporary rug has not only beauty, but also quality. It was hand knotted with great care and attention to detail, using only the best wool available. Just a look is enough to completely fall in love with its elegant simplicity. This rug’s pattern, while rather simple, looks chic and modern enough to fit any type of interior. Horizontal stripes that cut through the pile are symmetrical, creating a delicate balance between them. Color palette accompanying this piece contains different shades of earthy brown with just a bit of gray added to it.

Doris Leslie Blau grants clients looking for contemporary rugs a unique opportunity to make their own individual statement with a floor covering that is truly their own and truly one of a kind.Antique rugs and contemporary carpets from all over the world find their way to our Gallery and wait for you to discover them!


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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N11074 Size: 12'0" × 12'2" (365 × 370 cm)
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