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Frozen Forest S12873

Frozen Forest (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12873

This intriguing sample will take you to the remotest wild and vast woods of taiga for it looks like a mighty coniferous forest seen from a bird's perspective in the middle of the Arctic winter. Not by accident its design very much resembles a military camouflage pattern which, after all, was created in such a way to imitate the forest floor. The erratic patches of toned shades, including very light beige, pale dusty green bordering on grey and dark slate grey, are matched so perfectly that they result in a harmonious, tranquil composition. If you decide on Frozen Forest for your bespoke rug, you may rest reassured that it will be of the upmost quality. All rugs coming from DLB are thoroughly hand-executed on looms of the best materials, in this case wool, in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Only such meticulous making can guarantee a rug's longevity and durability. Moreover, it ensures that your custom carpet, adjusted in terms of size and shape entirely to your needs and liking, will be absolutely unique. Every single piece is approached individually by a skillful weaver who, besides exceptional quality, gives it a soul. Frozen Forest with its fresh and soothing vibe can be a part of your home décor. Just let it in.