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Sandstorm S12897

Sandstorm (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12897

This tasteful Sandstorm sample can bring the heat and the energy of desert sand straight into your home. Its design, based on the ideals of modern aesthetic thought, is very simple. The entire field builds upon the interchanging thin strips of lighter and darker tones of caramel brown, with delicate marks of taupe. The greatest strength of this contemporary composition is the warmth that is exudes thanks to the eye-pleasing shades. Is you choose the Sandstorm sample to be the foundation of your bespoke rug, you may rest reassured it will be of the upmost quality. Every custom carpet executed by DLB is thoroughly hand-made of the finest material, in this case wool, in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. It ensures not only that your bespoke rug will be distinguished by uniqueness and soulful beauty, but also that it will constitute a durable utilitarian object that has a chance to last for many generations without a slightest blemish. Sandstorm sample is so versatile that it will match a wide range of interior arrangements, from state-of-the-art to classic and traditional.