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November Rain S12907

November Rain (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12907

This November Rain sample is as simple as it is elegant. It represents the merger of antiquity and modernity as it combines the ancient weaving art with the modern aesthetic thought. Its toned color palette builds upon solely two yet perfectly matched hues of grey which beautifully correspond with the abstract, rainy design. Minute drops falling from the top, at the bottom transform into slowly flowing streams and shallow ponds. However, it is just one interpretation of this state-of-the-art composition. One of the greatest strengths of contemporary art is that you can read it in your own unique way. Just as you can adjust your bespoke rug entirely to your liking, including the shape and the size. If you choose November Rain sample, you can rest reassured that your custom rug will be qualitative, sublime and durable, as it will be masterly hand-executed of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques. No one said that November Rain has to be gloomy, and this one certainly is not.