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Winter Glory S12998

Winter Glory (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12998

If anyone seeks for a custom rug that will enchant with simplicity and timeless elegance, this Winter Glory sample is the perfect choice. It is masterfully hand-executed of the finest wool in fresh and clean off-white hue. Such minimalistic design falls into the up-to-date category of solid rugs which build upon the rule 'less is more'. This trend, initiated by the mid-20th century modernists, is more popular today than ever before as it presents countless possibilities of application. Here, versatility is combined with chic and upmost quality, just like in Scandinavian or Beni Ourain creations. An intriguing factor in this sample is the striated texture which adds charm and tactile sensation to the otherwise simplistic pile. You can adjust the size and shape of the custom carpet entirely to your liking. Winter Glory custom rug will bring a breath of refreshing winter breeze to absolutely any interior, from classic to modern.