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Blue Rime S12877

Blue Rime (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12877

In the bleak midwinter, when days are short and moods are down, the only compensation is the awe-inspiring spectacle of nature's wonders which provides us with brief moments of joy. One of those incredible tricks that nature does is the morning frost settling on windowpanes to welcome and gently introduce us to the upcoming day. This very phenomenon comes to mind while looking at this mesmerizing Blue Rime sample. Its abstract design, achieved by mixing and matching of various cool shades, including steel blue, slate and sapphire, resembles hoarfrost's meticulous paintings. If you chose Blue Rime sample for the foundation of your bespoke rug, it will transform into a nature-inspired, modern piece of fine art. Given that you can adjust the size and shape of any custom rug entirely to your needs and liking, you will be able to create an extraordinary object which will complement your interior with its fresh and vibrant presence. Every bespoke carpet executed by DLB is thoroughly hand-made of the finest materials, in this case wool, in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. It ensures that your Blue Rime rug will be qualitative, durable, unique and ready to please your eyes, hands and feet for many years.