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Colorado S12889

Colorado (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12889

We believe that not only aficionados of geology will be fascinated by this extraordinary Colorado sample. It derives its name from a contemporary but expressly nature-related abstract design, reminiscent of Grand Canyon rock layers throughout the Colorado Plateau. Its concept is based on the properly matched combination of intriguing earthy shades, as befits a sample named after one of the most wondrous natural formations on Earth distinguished precisely by its remarkable colors. Erratic stripes of sandy beige, dark slate gray, mud brown and taupe together form an exceptionally harmonious composition which exudes a soothing vibe. The effect is further highlighted by the long, soft pile, masterly hand-executed on looms of glossy wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Imagine how this beautifully balanced sample will look as your dream custom rug, adjusted in terms of size and shape entirely to your needs and liking. Both the quality and the design of the Colorado sample are characterized by the upmost quality which ensures that the bespoke rug based on it will not only be durable but also timeless as such tasteful arrangement will never go out of fashion. Moreover, a Colorado custom carpet has a chance to match a wide variety of interior decors, from strictly modern to totally classic.