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Go With The Flow S12849

Go With The Flow (RUG SAMPLE)

Item No. S12849

If you are looking for a truly amazing custom rug which would be elegant and 'at ease' at the same time, you should really consider Go With The Flow sample. One glimpse at this modern piece is enough to appreciate its extraordinary appeal and a cheerful, light vibe that makes you simply want to go with the flow. Its field is distinguished by intriguing texture composed of thick, even knots which are not only a pleasure to look at but most importantly - to walk on. Although the overall design seems to be decidedly contemporary, in fact it is based on the traditional, tribal wave motif. It is the unorthodox approach to texture, colors and execution that makes it such a hypnotizing, vibrant and state-of-the-art composition. The words hypnotizing is absolutely adequate as the waves, when observed from a certain distance, cause a delicate optical illusion and actually give the impression of swaying. It is further enhanced by the masterly selected color palette. Snow white and off-white waves are alternately located with the ones consisting of indigo, taupe and dusty aquamarine. Imaging this serene and intriguing design crafted especially for you in the size and shape adjusted entirely to your needs and liking. Is it not a splendid vision? The more, every bespoke rug executed by DLB is masterly hand-made of the finest materials with the upmost care and attention to detail. Only such thorough weaving process may guarantee that a rug will be qualitative, durable, unique and soulful. Go With The Flow-based custom carpet has a chance to brighten up any interior, simply let it in.