Contemporary Tabriz Beige and Brown Hand Knotted Wool Rug
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Contemporary Tabriz Beige and Brown Hand Knotted Wool Rug N10829 9'9" × 13'1" $13,000

Craftsmen from the city of Tabriz are well known for their great talent . Persian rugs created by them are worthy of kings and some of them did found their way to various courts and palaces around the world. Traditional Tabriz rugs are widely known for their diversity, comparing to other types of Persian rugs. They can range from flat to pile weaves. Patterns of Tabriz rugs can feature not only traditional Persian motifs, but sometimes also fully-fledged reproductions of famous works of art.

Beauty of this traditional classic rug lies not only in its design, but also the care put into it.The main field features an allover floral motif, containing various types of flowers, vines and leaves. The whole is bordered by a skillfully designed frame.  Color palette of this piece was composed using mostly subdued hues, such as beiges. However, a bit of black and beige used to give this antique Persian rug more depth allowed it to create a wonderful contrast between light and dark colors.

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Price: $13,000

Item No.: N10829 Size: 9'9" × 13'1" (297 × 398 cm)
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