Modern Rugs

  • product-N12419

    Modern Moroccan Rug N12419
    Size: 10'0" × 13'5" (304 × 408 cm)

    A modern rug of vintage tribal inspiration, hand-woven of the finest quality natural lambswool in a Moroccan village workshop. The...
  • product-N12418

    Large Modern Flat Weave Rug N12418
    Size: 27'0" × 28'5" (822 × 866 cm)

    A modern solid flat-weave wool rug has an interesting texture that combined with the brown and ivory color of the...
  • product-N12417

    Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12417
    Size: 11'10" × 15'3" (360 × 464 cm)

    This modern Scandinavian Flat-weave patterned rug is inspired by the work of Swedish textile designers of the early to mid-20th...
  • product-N12416

    Modern Flat Weave Rug N12416
    Size: 5'0" × 7'10" (152 × 238 cm)

    A contemporary flat-weave wool rug features an allover white, delicate diamonds and chevron pattern on a blue background. Doris Leslie...
  • product-N12411

    Modern Swedish Design Rya Rug N12411
    Size: 15'0" × 20'5" (457 × 622 cm)

    Modeled on one of the iconic Scandinavian rya patterns reaching back centuries ago, this contemporary geometric composition features a multiple...
  • product-N12410

    Contemporary Hooked Rug N12410
    Size: 10'0" × 15'1" (304 × 459 cm)

    A contemporary hooked leather and wool rug features an allover brown, thin, short strips on a beige background. Doris Leslie...
  • product-N12409

    Modern Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12409
    Size: 12'1" × 16'0" (368 × 487 cm)

    A modern flat-weave wool rug of mid-century Scandinavian inspiration. The main field features an all over bold geometric pattern in...
  • product-N12408

    Modern Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12408
    Size: 8'2" × 10'0" (248 × 304 cm)

    A modern Swedish flat weave wool rug with geometric shapes creating an abstract design in shades of beige, blue, coral,...
  • product-N12407

    Traditional Inspired Rug N12407
    Size: 5'8" × 7'10" (172 × 238 cm)

    A contemporary traditional design inspired hooked rug. The ample border and main field feature stylized floral motifs, palmettes and vines....
  • product-N12406

    Modern Swedish Flat Weave Rug N12406
    Size: 11'9" × 13'7" (358 × 414 cm)

    A contemporary Swedish hand-woven flatweave wool rug displays vertical stripes and a zig-zag pattern in beige and yellow on a...