This impressive contemporary rug is not merely a utilitarian object. It is a masterpiece of weaving art which imitates works of the world’s greatest abstract painters. The vast borderless face proudly bears erratic patches of color which leave a wide field for imagination. One may see there unknown continents, the other a sample magnified under a microscope. In that aspect, the design loosely relates to the works of the famous Eskayel group which focuses on the inspirations driven from awe-inspiring natural surroundings. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest natural had-spun wool and silk in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan, the modern rug enchants also with the impeccable execution, comparable to the one of antique and vintage high-quality carpets. Due to such meticulous making, the sheen and soft pile of the contemporary rug will please the eyes, hands and feet of its owners for generations without any signs of wear. This up-to-date, utterly sophisticated yet versatile composition is going to match a wide array of interior arrangements, from classic to futuristic.

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