Circular Braque Rug

Circular Braque Rug N11570


This wondrous art deco rug designs is distinguished not only by its Art Deco-inspired design and masterly execution but also by the ideally round form. It is a rarity to find a round-shaped modern stair carpet in such a majestic dimension, which is a real pity; after all, circle is considered to be the perfect shape, is it not? The design of this contemporary piece brings associations with a shooting shield divided into four even quarters.

The color palette comprises of warm and cool hues, including beige as well as dark and light slate gray, which permeate one another in some areas of the field evoking the association with an abstract painting. Although atypical in terms of shape, the area rug is thoroughly hand-made of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques. Such way of production ensures the quality and, consequently, longevity of this modern piece. Thanks to the exceptional deco-inspired design, this sublime rug has a chance to be a focal point of any contemporary interior.

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Item No.: N11570 Size: 15'0" × 15'0" (457 × 457 cm)
Style: Abstract, Art Deco, Geometric