Everest Rug II N11682

Everest Rug II Description:

This outstanding Everest mid century modern rug will surely impress not only the aficionados of Himalayan mountaineering. Its cutting-edge design executed in accordance with the centuries-old techniques shows how to successfully combine tradition with modernity. The main field of the contemporary carpet designs constitutes a canvas on which a skilled artisan thoroughly hand-knotted the awe-inspiring picture of the mighty mountain range.

The design is properly balanced and geometricized which adds dynamism to the static and majestic composition. The final touch is provided by the chic and versatile color palette of grays and greens, including emerald, pistachio, sea foam, mint and moss, which introduces a fresh and hopeful vibe to the stark and cool atmosphere created by the representation of the grand Everest. Rendered in the finest silk, the pile of the modern rug is distinguished by luster and softness that will pamper the senses of the lucky owners for many years.

If properly maintained, the floor covering will serve for generations without any signs of blemish due to its firm structure. Cushy, elegant and sublime, the Everest rug for sale will easily match a wide array of interior décors, bringing in timeless chic as well as the venerable and adventurous atmosphere of the monumental Himalayas.

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