Jardin Rug

Jardin Rug N11978

Price: $35,000

Just one look at this mesmerizing contemporary area rug is enough to steal one’s heart. Hand-executed with great care and best available materials, the abstract carpet boasts a truly hypnotic pattern, ready to make a statement in a wide array of interiors. Blurred shapes and figures seem to shift and turn around the center of the rug, like a carousel. In some places we can spot signs of nature – small flowers, trees and stones – but the full meaning of the design remains a mystery which every onlooker is free to solve in accordance with his or her imagination. The color palette is composed of warm browns with beige, dark slate gray and cool blue, contrasted with vivacious shades of yellow and red.

Art Deco rugs are the embodiment of the modernist progressive thought with the preservation of the finest weaving traditions and centuries-long techniques, providing Deco beautiful rugs with a classic and luxurious feel. Art Deco rugs combine the ancient craft with rather contemporary aesthetics, incorporating such iconic design influences as neoclassicism, constructivism, cubism, minimalism, modernism or art nouveau.

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Item No.: N11978 Size: 15'6" × 15'6" (472 × 472 cm)
Color: Blue, Gold, Red, Yellow Style: Art Deco, Modern Rugs