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Maze Designed Geometric Carpet N11799 10'0" × 13'10" $16,000

Mesmerizing design of this exquisite modern rug makes it impossible to turn the gaze away from it. Hand woven using high quality silk and wool blend, the geometric carpet tiles has a luxurious, almost golden luster to it, which combined with its softness makes it fit for a king! The pattern features modernized version of a classic Greek Key and twists it into a labyrinth-like composition. Color palette accompanying it consists mostly of various shades of beige, but thanks to the way they are juxtaposed those hues seem to have more depth and shine than they normally do.

Contemporary rug designs can be inspired by vintage rugs, antique carpets, or by relevant works of art, yet are usually executed with a more modern twist, either in the pattern or the color palette. Many of our modern rugs and contemporary rugs were shaped by top designers and architects exclusive to the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery.


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Price: $16,000

Item No.: N11799 Size: 10'0" × 13'10" (304 × 421 cm)
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