Kilim Rug

Kilim Rug N11168

Price: $12,000

What makes contemporary rugs so special in the eyes of art collectors and interior designers is undoubtedly a great diversity of their styles. You can easily find a modern carpet that will perfectly suit your tastes, from abstract rugs to Persian carpets. Flat woven rugs are a real treat for those who value both beauty and a practical approach. Kilim rugs are one of the best pieces to use when decorating. Their designs are not only elegant, but also suit modern tastes exceptionally well. They are not as demanding as antiques which need thoughtful care and their prices also tend to be lower, making them a great long-time investment.

This stunning new rug is a dream come true of any rug aficionado. It was carefully hand knotted using only the highest quality wool blend available, which resulted in a contemporary carpet that is both durable and soft. Its design features an allover palmette pattern of exceptional beauty. Color palette accompanying it consists mainly of rather neutral shades, which will certainly be appreciated by those who prefer modest elegance to vivacity of color. Sandy beiges work spectacularly well with subdued gray, helping to highlight all the best features of the pattern.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are proud that we can supply our clientele with only the best quality, authentic antique rugs and contemporary rugs from all over the world. Be sure to visit our website and find out for yourself!

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Item No.: N11168 Size: 8'6" × 14'0" (259 × 426 cm)
Color: Beige