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Flat Weave Carpet N11713

Price: $17,000

This glamorous flat-woven rug is a palpable proof that experimenting pays off. The piece combines the centuries-old craft of carpet weaving with a cutting-edge, contemporary design and the result is absolutely stunning. The vast, borderless field of the rug is covered in an allover pattern of minute hexagons which are subtle yet have a chance to add a distinct geometric touch to an interior.

This modern and perfectly balanced design is complemented by a stylish color palette – dark slate gray motifs against the off-white background – that will match a wide variety of interior décors. Next to chic appearance, the flat-weave is distinguished by impeccable execution. It was thoroughly woven by hand of the top-notch wool in accordance with traditional techniques to replicate the outstanding quality of genuine antique modern wool rugs.

The lack of pile and meticulous making ensure its exceptional durability and guarantee that, if properly maintained, the contemporary rug will serve its proprietors for generations without any signs of wear. Imposing and tasteful, this flat-woven carpet is a perfect option for ample spaces or wall-to-wall arrangements.

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Item No.: N11713 Size: 13'2" × 15'10" (401 × 482 cm)
Color: Blue, White Style: Modern Rugs Construction: Flat Weave
Location: Chicago