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Contemporary Flat weave Rug
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Contemporary Flat weave Rug N11706 10'8" × 15'4" $14,000

Scandinavian design is among the most sought-after decorating styles in the world because it relies on three simple factors that ensure its ever-growing success – practicality, minimalism and beauty. This contemporary flat-woven rug is inspired with the northern craftsmanship and incorporates the crucial ingredients to a marvelous effect. The monochromatic design is entirely founded on a versatile and extremely fashionable shade of light gray.

This austere composition is softened and warmed thanks to an enchanting fringe at the longer edges of the mid century modern rug which adds a delicate and homely feel. Thoroughly hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques, the modern flat-weave is distinguished by durability and quality equal to this of the rollakans from the mid-20th-century golden era of Scandinavian design.

If properly maintained, the floor covering will serve its proprietors for generations without any signs of wear. Versatile and well-executed, this contemporary flat-woven area rug will easily fit into a wide array of interior décors, organizing and visually enlarging the space.


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Price: $14,000

Item No.: N11706 Size: 10'8" × 15'4" (325 × 467 cm)
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