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Blue Modern Handmade Rug
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Blue Modern Handmade Rug N11813 3'7" × 5'0" $1,800

The beauty of this contemporary rug lies not only in its superb design, but also unrivaled craftsmanship. Made with great care and attention to every detail, the modern area rug has a modern feel to it, which only further highlights its elegance. The pattern was composed of thin lines placed in such a way that they almost look like starts falling to the ground. This if enhanced by the color palette. Navy blue background gives elements of white sudden depth, making them look almost silvery and shiny, just like real stars.

Today, while creating new rug designs, designers focus mostly on pro-environmental, nature-related projects which are both mesmerizing and responsible towards our planet. Artists like the renowned Eskayel group make sure that their works do not harm the natural environment from which they draw major inspirations. Abstract forms, erratic dots resembling the Rorschach test, or imaginative applications of colors, frequently present on contemporary rugs and carpets in NYC, are in fact the reflection of the surrounding world.


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Price: $1,800

Item No.: N11813 Size: 3'7" × 5'0" (109 × 152 cm)
Color: Beige, Blue Style: