Lotus is the flower with the richest symbolism in the Orient - no wonder it frequently constitutes the main theme of carpet design. It is associated with purity and rebirth because it rises above the surface of water in the daylight and at night closes its petals and sinks back into the depth. This majestic rug beautifully illustrates the nature of this exceptional flower - the main field is covered with intricate foliage motifs among which there are floating lotuses, barely visible as if they were just about to emerge from a muddy pond to enchant with their impeccable beauty. The borders are adorned with flowing water motifs as well as floral patterns. The whole rug, kept in the shades of sandy, brown and light beige, is majestic in terms of size and its pile is hand made of the best quality wool. There is no way and no reason to resist its tranquil glamor.
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Lotus design Rug
Item No. N11391

Size: 25'10" × 13'6" (787 × 411 cm)
Color palette:
Lotus design Rug N11391