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Tibetan Rug with Art Deco Design in Beige and Brown N10963 8'0" × 10'0" $12,000

Throughout the years, Tibetan rugs evolved from practicalities to true pieces of art. The base of  a large Tibetan rug is made of double layer of cross patterned threads that ensures its durability. Weavers use large needles, guiding rows of threads thought looms. Custom Tibetan rugs are the only type of carpet that is specially tailored to suit the taste of its owner. When commissioning a custom rug you can be sure that your designer of choice will do their best to present you with a perfect carpet. Normal pieces usually have up to 10 knots per square centimeter, which results in a pile with a very unique texture.

What draws the eye to this Tibetan rug is certainly its design, which look surprisingly Western for an Oriental rug. Undoubtedly inspired by geometric rugs, this piece sports a pattern composed of several symmetric figures, which together create a one harmonized whole. Color palette accompanying it features warm shades of beige with just a tinge of cream to balance everything out.

The rug was made using high quality materials in order to ensure both pleasant texture and its longevity. Its size, 8’0″ × 10’0″ (244 × 305 cm), will certainly suit those who are looking for an elegant area rug for their household or people who wish to give their interiors a bit of modern elegance mixed with exotic colors of Orient. With such a masterpiece you can’t go wrong! However, if you want to see even more beautiful contemporary rugs, be sure to browse through Doris Leslie Blau’s fabulous collection.


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Price: $12,000

Item No.: N10963 Size: 8'0" × 10'0" (243 × 304 cm)
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