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Round rugs are one step further from the traditional art of weaving. Historically, the overwhelming majority of right-angled living spaces has somewhat defined and cemented the orthogonal shape of carpets, leaving very little room for experimenting with form. Moreover, the prevalence of rectangular rugs was dictated by practical reasons – a circle is harder to execute on classic looms and requires a higher degree of skill. However, circular rugs are definitely worth the struggle as they have an indescribable effect on the interior and the way we perceive it. Once they were first made, round carpets filled the void which had existed before in the decorating world.

The major breakthrough for circular rugs happened in the first half of the 20th century with the revolutionary ideas propagated by Modernists. They stood against the overabundance and pomp in the field of arts and crafts, proclaiming the power of practicality and moderation. Also, they were prone to experimenting with form and tended to represent the reality in an abstract way. During that period many art trends were born, including Art Deco, Arts&Crafts or Cubism. These groundbreaking changes soon entered the realm of weaving and resulted in a completely new perception of carpets. Many of rugs produced at the time were distinguished by simple, geometric designs spiced up with bold colors and a round shape.

Circular carpets are designed to balance the linear nature of the surrounding room. With presence of floors, walls and doorways, there are already lots of angular lines which create the rigidity in the environment. Round area rugs allow interior designers to break up the traditional monotony through use of softened figures and more fanciful flows that lead the eyes in a less grounded manner. They add a pinch of humor to typical furniture layout, especially when combined with a playful pattern. Every rug is a space definer, yet a round one opens up new decorating possibilities – it echoes similar elements in the room, being a bridge between space and furniture. Items such as round coffee tables, stools or lamps synergize with rounder rugs in a subtle yet elegant way, especially in rooms like kitchens, parlors or vestibules where such additives and circular arrangements are more common. The casual tone of the rugs allows them to attract attention without looking overdone, especially if they are set as the only rug in the area. 

A circle is considered to be the perfect shape and for a good reason. Round rugs create the feeling of coziness, softness and intimacy. When paired with warm shades such as red, yellow or orange, circular carpets constitute an wondrous focal point and bring warmth into the interior. Such circular beauty, vintage or new, gives you endless opportunities in terms of application. It may be an elegant addition to a classic round wooden tea-table or introduce an intriguing stir in a modernly arranged, futuristic abode. 

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