Vintage Chinese Carpet, An early 20th century Chinese rug, Circa: 1920. This gem of Chinese weaving art is everything connoisseur would look for. Woven circa 1920, the rug depicts five dragons with the golden one resting in the center in the likeness of sun and four others surrounding it. Golden dragon's piercing gaze immediately catches attention, leaving spectators unable to look away. Light blue shapes on the pattern's bottom connote a heaped clouds, surrounding peaks of three splendid mountains. The sandstone color of this vintage carpet is an excellent background for various shades of blue, orange and beige visible on its surface. This antique rug owes its unique pattern to the fact that originally Chinese crafts were produced exclusively for domestic use - thus preserving traditional designs, loved and admired by the Chinese from time immemorial.

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Vintage Chinese Carpet
Item No. BB6837
Circa: 1920

Price: $ 100,000
Size: 16'3" × 16'6" (495 × 503 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Chinese Carpet BB6837