Vintage Chinese Rug BB6848

Vintage Chinese Rug Description:

China is a country of ancient traditions and art. Its beautiful antique carpets have aficionados all over the world and seeing this vintage carpet it's easy to see why. Hand woven circa 1920 by a true master, it immediately enchants with beauty and harmony of design. Carpet's pattern is a fascinating mix of floral motifs and geometrical shapes, perfectly complementing each other. It would seem that the weaver was inspired by the Chinese art deco rugs of Orient, as seen in a few details adoring the pile. The choice of colors is especially interesting, as white and blue often appears on the Chinese porcelain. Perhaps weaver wanted to show the parallels between a delicate china and his or her unmatched craft? A antique carpet of this beauty will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. \n

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