Circular Silk Geometric Area Rug

Circular Silk Geometric Area Rug N11710


This modern rug is a palpable proof that traditional, manual techniques combined with contemporary design and top-notch materials give outstanding results, ready to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of carpet craftsmanship. Its vast and majestic field is covered in an allover pattern of interconnected circles that look almost like sequins but without the garishness. Instead, the floor covering sports a toned and tranquil color palette composed of beige, off-white and cerulean, which will easily fit into a wide gamut of interior décors.

There are no borders to limit the main design which gives the modern traditional today rug a spacious and airy feel. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest silk in accordance with the centuries-old ways of weaving, the carpet is distinguished by a soft and luminous pile as well as outstanding durability. If properly maintained, the modern rug will serve its proprietors for generations without any signs of wear. Light, serene and utterly beautiful, this silk rug  with circular motifs is an investment that will increase in value over time and please the eyes with its never-passing charm.

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Item No.: N11710 Size: 16'5" × 19'9" (500 × 601 cm)
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