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Jennifer Post Designs In Zaha Hadid’s Model Residence 2

Jennifer Post Designs In Zaha Hadid’s Model Residence

When great women join forces, the effect may be nothing but mind-blowing. This time, Jennifer Post, a renowned interior designer, enters one of the last buildings to bear Hadid’s personal stamp to complete the vision of the architecture’s Grande Dame. Join the tour around 520 West 28th Street residence and enjoy the heights of design artistry.

5 Steps to Decorate Like Lauren Conrad 40

5 Steps to Decorate Like Lauren Conrad

When you see Lauren Conrad, you immediately want to be friends with her. When you look at her gorgeous abodes, you instantly feel the urge to redecorate your entire house. Thankfully, Lauren is always willing to give some advice on how to live chic, so let’s take it!

5 Natural Décor Trends You’ll Go Crazy about in 2017 25

5 Natural Décor Trends You’ll Go Crazy about in 2017

Although 2016 has not ended yet, we can already take a peek into the future to predict what will be ‘en vogue’ in the upcoming year. This time Nature takes over the helm and is going to seduce us with her gifts! Grab a cup of spiced winter tea and get warm at the hottest trends of 2017!

5 Ways to Give Your Home the Flair of Hollywood Regency 19

5 Ways to Give Your Home the Flair of Hollywood Regency

Lacking ideas for decorating your interior? Get inspired by the chic Hollywood Regency style, cause there is no better way to brighten your space with glamorous shine.

Woo-hoo, owl my goodness! 18

Woo-hoo, owl my goodness!

It doesn’t need to be clarified how important a theme could be. We have themed parties, social and cultural events, galas, decorations and last but not least themed interior design. What are the pros of having your living space designed according to one specific theme? 

Stunning Homes of Academy Award Nominees 5

Stunning Homes of Academy Award Nominees

The list of Oscar nominations 2016 is announced and it seems that it will be one of the most thrilling Oscar race in a long time. In the anticipation of 88th Academy Awards we wanted to do justice to our affinity for interior design by taking a peek at their homes.


United States relations with Cuba are easing for the first time in fifty years. Soon enough Americans will be flying back and forth from Miami heading to a Cuban Sandals resort, etc., etc. Before the (I hope not, but likely) total re-build of this iconic island, let’s take a glimpse at this moment of very specific interior design, a strangely harmonious hybrid of mid-century luxury, communist minimalism, and Carribean color-ways. These homes in Cuba have been documented by a limited number of photographers, including Michael Eastman and Werner Pawlok. Here we see ten rooms where natural degredation is painterly, sunlight is an architectural element, and tile floors are kaleidoscopic, and.. so much more.

5 Ways Rugs Amplify Design

We’re winding up a week full of awesome interior design, between the West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica and High Point Fall Market Week in North Carolina. There was much inspiration to be had and a bevy of talented designers at both events.

Beauty and the Beach

Spaces designed for Summer and Sun

Add personal flair to your space with art

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Whether it is in marketing or design, visual images affect our senses and perceptions. On the walls, the art energizes and invigorates our spaces adding a fresh new perspective. Selecting art for a home is a very personal process because we tend to relate to the artwork that reflects our inner side, our personalities, desires and fears.

The Black & White of It

Our earliest photographs were black and white, as were our earliest movies. There is and was something very magically different about the lack of color, other than the obvious. Black is defined as the absence of light, while white is defined as all of the spectral colors seen together and visible to the naked eye. Modifications such as contrast, brightness and the intensity of the grey tones were our only options, when black and white was the medium. And somehow, the absence of color wasn’t an issue back then. We understood exactly what the photographic artist was trying to emote. Brooding, moodiness, starkness and elation were all easily expressed with the proper darkroom finesse.  When Technicolor arrived, the simplicity of black and white was replaced by the excitement of the seemingly limitless expressions of color. Color, it seemed, was everywhere and the classic combination of black and white was treated like an aging relative that we barely tolerated at family functions. A boring, unadventurous palette, but like the wealth of wisdom and wit found in our crazy “Aunt Sally,” it couldn’t have been further from the truth. Many designers now find it simply liberating.

Antique and Modern Rugs: Perfectly Persian

Why the Perennial Classic Deserves New Consideration

Antique Persian Rugs

Last summer Sotheby’s auction house sold the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet pictured above for $33.7 million – three times more than they’d ever sold any textile for before.

It’s easy to envy the anonymous bidder who scored this rare vibrant beauty which once belonged to the industrialist and Montana senator William A. Clark (1839-1925). The staggering final bid elicited a collective jaw drop in antique textile circles. There’s been a marked uptick in interest in 17th-century rugs in recent years, but what could inspire someone to spend so much on a single textile?

Rarity certainly has something to do with it: The colors and weaving technique represented in the Clark carpet are unusual. But the auction-house happening is also representative of a growing sentiment that reaches much further than the pockets of ultra-wealthy antique buyers. Increasingly, across almost all segments of the American population, people are searching for authenticity in their consumer choices.

This extends well beyond home design. It relates to food, fashion, music and more. After a century of the industrialized world moving us toward mass marketing and greater homogeneity, people are pushing back, spurring artisan culture and a myriad indie cottage industries to serve consumers who want something that’s not just shiny, new and exactly like what everyone else has. But one of the big ways this desire manifests itself in home design is in renewed interest in spaces that evoke history, because a great story – a time-tested narrative – is the hallmark of authenticity.

Persian GoldVia: John B Scholz – architect