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15 Brilliant Interiors with Vintage Scandi Rugs

It’s been a bit gray these past few days in the city. When we’re looking for a peppy pick-me-up, vintage Swedish flat weave provides a surefire burst of color and energy. There’s something about rich hues and modernist design that transcends both trends and aesthetics.

Something about Marta: Modernist Swedish Rugs Making a Splash

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It used to be if you heard about a rug auction, it was almost inevitably Oriental. Antique pieces with traditional patterns were pretty much the only ones considered worthy of the block. That’s changing, and Mid-Century Swedish rugs are gaining prominence in a marketplace that has a seemingly insatiable appetite for modernism.


Back in June, we teamed up with Wright auction house for a first-of-its-kind event showcasing 20th century carpets. We had high hopes, but the results exceeded everyone’s expectations. Art and Antiques wrote about the sale here.

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“I found there was a real void in terms of market attention on carpets in general. Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York had done them, mainly with oriental rugs. But we thought, let’s do something totally different, shift people’s thinking.” Wright Senior Vice President Michael Jefferson told the magazine.


French Art Deco and Moroccan carpets were also part of the sale, but Swedish rugs in particular have resonated with Mid-Century enthusiasts. Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom was the godmother of Swedish textile modernism, she was an ardent adherent to the strictures of modernist design (see some of the pieces from her still-operating production house in our collection here).  And she cemented a lively, colorful textile tradition that transcends design modes. Even today, many of her pieces would not look out of place in the sleekest of cutting-edge interiors. 

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 See our full collection of vintage Scandinavian rugs here.

How we all fell in love with Mid-Century Modernism

Our 20th Century carpet auction is happening this Friday at Wright in Chicago. You can read Sight Unseen’s interview with Wright Senior VP Michael Jefferson regarding the event here.

Open the gate and tear down this wall to wall!

A thoughtful collection of “20th Century Carpets” up for auction at Wright June 13

By Tom Kolovos