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Sherwin Williams’s 2018 Color of The Year Is Here : Top 10 Interiors in Oceanside

Say bye to neutrals – Sherwin Williams just announced the color of the year 2018 and it’s the opposite of muted and subtle. Oceanside, because that’s the name of the new hottest shade, was picked to match quite challenging criteria of being “both accessible and elusive”.

As Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, explains:

“People today have a growing sense of adventure, and it is making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes. We are craving things that remind us of bright folklore, like mermaids and expeditions across continents. Oceanside is the color of wanderlust right in our own homes.”

We couldn’t put it into better words. However, instead of talking, we’ve decided to show you what this deep and absolutely mesmerizing hue can do to an interior. Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Oceanside – chapeau bas!

Miami’s Brickell City Centre


Miami’s Brickell City Centre

This modern interior wouldn’t be the same without Oceanside. The vivid shade helps to enliven spare, geometric lineament of the space and furniture but also brings out the depth in the chocolate brown wooden floor. Not to mention the glow of the golden lamp on the Oceanside backdrop. Absolutely fantastic.

Oceanside Dining Room


Photography: Hannah Blackmore / Styling + Interior Design: Little Liberty

Here, the blue accent wall highlights white framed moody art and modern sideboard as well as the copper pendants and the grey chairs. It’s a fabulous mixture of colors and textures to create a vibrant and inviting space. It works so well because the Oceanside wall contrast wonderfully with the pinkish copper lamps. And the cool blue of the walls and art juxtapose with the warm wood of the table. So much to love.

Oceanside-oriented Interior



Oceanside has a power to complement an extremely wide variety of styles yet looking at this room with a distinct bohemian vibe, we think that the hue was made especially for it. Delicate wall stains are here to give the ethnic effect which is enhanced due to ornamental, colorful textiles. The saturated blue color will work great in oriental interiors thanks to its recherché appeal.

“Home Bakery” Arrangement


Even in a public place, Oceanside creates the atmosphere of intimacy and tranquility. It can be applied to a single element which you want to emphasize, like this exquisite bookshelf. The rest of the space is left neutral which helps to maintain the balance of the décor. Simply perfect.

Bedroom by Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams also wants to give us suggestions on how to work with Oceanside. With the aid of the profound blue shade, this classic bedroom acquires an entirely new dimension. Stately, wooden furniture look fresh, while calm, neutral additives seem just in place and far from boring. Ingenious.

Living Room in Oceanside Style


Although simple and moderate, the room exhibits upmost elegance thanks to the accent wall. This interior shows that Oceanside pairs well not only with neutrals but also with lush greenery of potted plants hanging in hand-made macramés. Smart and simple, just how we like it.

Arrangement by Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams

Yet another proposal from Sherwin Williams which exposes the range of Oceanside possibilities. A space with colonial elements, including the ornate door made of exotic wood, the absolutely gorgeous segmented mirror and the golden, antique coffee table, finished with off-white and beige details. We’re enchanted!

Blue Living Room


Architectural Digest

In such a room no one will ever feel blue Oceanside is here bravely applied on the wall panels but it does not leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, it invigorates the space and corresponds with beige furniture. Together with other blue additives, including the lamp and cushions, Oceanside provides a truly luxurious feel.

Hotel Lobby with Oceanside


PHOTO: Courtesy of Bar Palladio; DESIGN: Marie-Anne Oudejans

Again, a space with the oriental vibe in which Oceanside gives the final touch. Both the profound color and the overall décor look palatial and glamorous. Huge windows let in enough light to balance the black and white, pronounced floor and the great amount of blue. This case shows that there can never be too much of Oceanside.

Scandinavian Oceanside


Can such a decided hue as Oceanside fit into a minimalistic Scandinavian interior? Of course! Just take a look at this charming room. The cool color palette is complemented by delicate pastel pink, beige and warm, light wood. Certain elements from the vintage rug’s design correspond with the blue shade on the back wall. Amazing.

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