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Weddings on Oriental Rugs: Say YES to Rugs!

It is common knowledge that every wedding needs at least one rug. All of us have this old picture in mind: a beautiful bride and a handsome groom leaving the church to the accompaniment of traditional music, walking the long and pleasant way on the… wedding carpet.

Antique Turkish Rug by Doris Leslie Blau

A rug can appear as a long, red or white fabric located at the place of the ceremony. It is extremely important to make it look dignified and festive, isn’t it? What would you say if we changed this scheme a little bit? The special atmosphere of a wedding could be improved by adding some stylish extras in form of exceptional carpets. Antique carpets  and Vintage rugs are one of the most original and astonishing decorations with a special vibe of their magical past. Use your own fabrics, borrow some, or simply buy them. You can use them later in this brand new house of yours.

antique rug wedding

The ceremony is approaching its end… Maybe you should rethink the idea of squeezing your wedding guests in a stuffy room with the band and tables bending under the weight of food. Perhaps we can change the point of view and wander to a beautiful glade overwhelming with lush flora and full of freshness?

Use a tent to prevent the tricks of wayward weather and decorate the entire surface with a splendid dressing of… rugs! They are applicable to various areas of the nuptial place. Let me show you how they can be used. Take a deep breath and just take a look! With the use of rugs you can form the dancefloor as well as the picnic area. Find low tables and pillows of intriguing look. Then create the realm of joy and friendship for your friends and family setting all of this jointly.

antique rug wedding

Take care of decent dishes on the tables and inspire your guests to have real fun together. In case of the two areas you can use both oversized rugs, and a madley of smaller ones selected one by one.Magnify the area of the event. Spread some rugs under the trees to create unobtrusive spots ideal for conversations, inducing new meetings and integratation. Set the benches on and see what will happen next.

antique rug wedding

antique rug wedding

Of course – this is an effort to create the original atmosphere. You can be absolutely sure that all of your guests will remember the special evening of your wedding as a time full of delight and friendship maintained in really stylish circumstances.

antique rug wedding

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