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Rugs that go hand in hand with a grey sofa

Rugs that go hand in hand with a grey sofa
Doris Leslie Blau

A grey sofa is an absolute classic. It is practical, chic and versatile, although it also carries the risk of boredom. But hey, what are rugs for if not defining space and completing the design? Let us help you pick the best carpet for your neutral sofa and enjoy the brand new face of your interior! In our blogs we strongly advocate for home decorating with vintage rugs, antique carpets and all kinds of floor coverings.


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Oriental Rugs

To some, antique Persian or Turkish rugs may seem a bit outdated and unadjusted to modern decorating standards. Nothing more wrong! These ornamental beauties are distinguished by the unmatched quality combined with the upmost artistic sublimity which makes them absolutely timeless. The finest wool and silk, intricate designs and natural dyes are worth investing in, especially if you’re an owner of a grey sofa.

Antique Persian Rugs: 1, 2, 3

With this central piece of furniture left neutral you have a free hand to experiment with colors and patterns in decorations, so use it well! Try putting more than one Oriental rug in a room or go for a really big carpet that will cover almost the whole floor and even go under the sofa. The only thing you must remember is to restrain other patterned accessories.

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An opulent Oushak or a magnificent Tabriz is already rich and vibrant enough to enliven the décor. Cushions on the couch should rather be kept in different shades of gray with only few of them reflecting the colors on the rugs. By doing so, you are on a straight path to achieve a truly glamorous and tasteful atmosphere with a hint of modernity.

Oriental Inspired Rugs: 1, 2

Moroccan rugs

Beni Ourains – does it ring a bell? This exotic term refers to a very particular group of rugs produced by the tribes bearing the same name and inhabiting the Rif Mountains near Taza. Beni Ourain peoples have developed their own, remarkable style that differs quite noticeably from the majority of Oriental carpets. First of all, in most cases Beni Ourain rugs involve a dichromatic color palette with an off-white or ivory background and a pattern rendered in a dark brown shade. Secondly, their design is usually very simplistic and builds upon geometric figures, like diamonds.

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Finally, real Beni Ourains are executed in a first-rate wool which gives an incredibly long, soft and sheen pile. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Although originally made for nomadic tents, they easily match contemporary abodes. Putting a grey sofa together with such a minimalistic rug opens up countless possibilities in further accessorizing. Here you can experiment with ethnic patterns and intriguing textures. A leather pouf? A copper bowl? A tribal cushion?

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Moroccan Rugs: 1, 2

It’s a triple yes! Diamond motifs are extremely popular in many folk traditions around the world (even Scandinavian!) so don’t be scared to take some of each. If you don’t want to go too ‘boho’ remember that Beni Ourains are the masters of versatility. Their geometric elegance beautifully goes together with glass-and-metal angular furniture. Already in the mid-20thcentury the Modernists have discovered the potential of Beni Ourain rugs – let’s use it to the maximum!

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Vintage Rugs

American guru of interior decorating Lauren Conrad is a strong advocate of high-quality neutral furniture. Why? Out of a strictly pragmatic approach. No matter which decorating fads are currently celebrated, beige, cream, off-white or gray basic furniture will always be in vogue. Therefore, a qualitative grey sofa is a piece which you should not hesitate to put some money in. However, in order not to overly exceed the budget and at the same time create a wow effect, follow the blog’s advice and try home decorating with vintage rugs!

They are usually not as costly as antique carpets yet present no lesser aesthetic value. The most famous group of vintage weaving creations are Scandinavian rugs. They have been on designers and tastemakers’ “must have list” since the mid-20th century and today they are more celebrated than ever. Simple geometric forms, pastel hues and an absolutely heartwarming vibe makes them lovable and easily applicable.

Rollakans, because that’s the “professional” name for Swedish flat-weaves, really like the company of other geometric patterns but you should be careful with flashy or very saturated hues. For these, you should turn to vintage Samarkand rugs. Those Oriental wonders are famous for their large formats, playful patterns and vivid color combinations. Samarkands for the most part are also flat-woven. All in all, invest in a grey sofa and have fun with vintage rugs 😉

Vintage Rugs: Scandinavian, Scandinavian, Kilim Rug

4. Contemporary Rugs

A grey sofa is an extremely universal piece of furniture which allows to build actually any kind of décor around it. If you prefer futuristic solutions to traditional interior design, match your couch with a modern rug. That’s right, carpets don’t always have to be hundreds years old and opulently ornamented to be worthy of exposing in a living room. Nowadays, it is possible to buy perfectly crafted modern rugs which are hand-made in accordance with centuries-long weaving techniques of the finest materials.

Doris Leslie Blau Custom Rug Samples:

Custom Rugs, Custom rug sample, Floral Custom Rug Design S12795: Custom Rugs, Custom rug sample, Geometric Design S12836: Custom Rugs, Custom rug sample, Stripe Custom Rug Design S12545: Custom Rugs, Custom rug sample:

Their greatest advantage is that they preserve the quality of the thoroughly-knotted antiques, while their pattern, size and shape may be adjusted entirely to our needs and liking. All you have to do is find a reliable manufacturer.

Contemporary Rugs: 1, 2

Realizing the importance of rugs, a lot of renowned interior designers go into textiles – Eskayel, Bunny Williams or DD Allen to start with. Here, you may pick and choose to find the rug which fits your décor and your grey sofa 😉

For more inspirations, take a peek at Doris Leslie Blau website or visit us in New York shoowroom. And if by any chance you are visiting the capital, step into The Washington Design Center, 1099 14th Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005. You can also give us a call at 202-808-9361.

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    This blog is very amazing and I found some explanations about the various carpets that exist and how to choose a carpet that suits our decor.
    I personally really like the vintage rug. Especially kilim rug from firmatoele.nl. Kilims are generally woven by the slitweave technique. Their colour comes from the weft which is tightly intertwined with the warp.
    Between colours in most kilim rug there is a vertical slit, this is created with the weave pulls the warp strings away from each other and is unique to kilims. That\’s why I love kilim rug. You also may choose to find the rug which fits your decor there.

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