Pretty Petals: Uncommon Floral Rugs

February 2, 2015
Pretty Petals: Uncommon Floral Rugs
Doris Leslie Blau


Punxsutawnery Phil came out this morning and saw his shadow. Groundhog Day, folks. We’ve got six more weeks of winter. Side note: I know racehorses with shorter names than that rodent, but apparently he’s named after his hometown.

To beat the winter blues, I’ve assembled a quick trip through the blooming bounty of our antique, vintage and contemporary collections. Nature’s works of art are the inspiration of artisans and weavers the world over. Flowers offer limitless beauty in their many varied forms and interpretations. Here are just a few of our favorites.

French Aubusson Rugs

The early Aubusson rugs were modeled after Oriental designs, but there’s something distinctly Gallic in their elegant wreaths and blooms. There’s a fullness to the Aubusson tradition that’s positively joyful.


Floral Art Deco Rugs

Art Deco textile artists were concerned with respecting the knowledge and tradition of their artisan predecessors, while also imbuing their work with modernist beauty. The use of negative space coupled with new ideas about interpreting flowers make for a wide range of lovely pieces.

vintage-rug-french-deco-green-geometric-abstract-bb5244-17x10carpet-vintage-chinese-deco-brown-minimalist-bb4893-19x11Image by: Nexium, Inc. Tel. 201-265-5808vintage-carpet-french-art-deco-deco-gold-botanical-bb4696-15x10vintage-rugs-modern-french-art-deco-deco-brown-geometric-botanical-bb4342-11x8 

Antique Caucasian Rugs

This is such a broad category because it encompasses the whole Southern Caucasus, an area that is home to many intersecting cultures and tribal traditions. Influences range from Russian to Persian to European. One thing common throughout the region though is that many weavers found their inspiration in nature.



Persian Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs are rich and resplendent in florals. The intricate foliage of these incredible designs speaks for itself.


Contemporary Flat Weave

Our contemporary collection hosts a gamut of aesthetics and designs, many inspired by the traditions and designs of old-world artisans around the globe. With so many sources of inspiration, the array is beautiful and broad.


If you’re still feeling the chill, there’s plenty more spring delight to be found in our antique, vintage and contemporary collections.

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